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Hans Schiebold has a keen ability to capture idyllic moments in Nature. Unising the same bold, straightforward strokes, he is also capable of transporting his viewers to yet another plane of consciousness with his series of abstract works.

Observers of his scenic paintings are drawn into dramatic, loosely realistic renderings of familiar coast and landscapes. Being invited into these paintings, one must overcome an urge to touch the artist's renderings of granite-like textures, highly glossed water surfaces, all set against a background of muted yet powerfully executed colors.

Schiebold's more contemporary abstarct paintings allow our minds to wander to yet a different level of expansion where tactile senses predominate. Sculptural surfaces are highlighted through the use of a uniquely textured, horizontal graphite strat which are visible, to a certain degree, in all Schiebold paintings.

The artist works primarily with a spatula. Other tool sinclude a file for burnishing between layers and in the final step. He chooses to work with a medium of graphite bound by an acrylic substance, and it is this medium which the artist strongly feels is the true expressive component of his paintings.

Exaggerated boldness in all Schiebold's paintings suggest archaeological surrealism. However, the artist feels that art should not be easily categorized. As evidenced by his own work, Schiebold believes that risk is necessary in order to be creative. Artists must take chances by being innovative and daring.

The success of any artist is largely dependent upon his ability to awaken viewers to see the world through new eyes. To this end, Schiebold has succeeded.

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